Ring of Fire 

Resorts with a difference

Imagine the vacation of your dreams...

Firmly rooted in local culture and the values of a bygone era, we are creating authentic arts, learning and leisure communities to nestle within the natural beauty of select locations around the Pacific Rim. These are social business communities that support humanitarian projects among the local people. We are starting in fabulous Fiji!

Ring of Fire is founded on our innate need for community, combined with a common spiritual purpose, training and education, quality goods and services and the need for wholesome, restorative leisure. The idea is based on the values of a simpler time, when people lived near gathering and shopping spaces, gathered to affirm and grow in a common spiritual identity, celebrated the arts and good food, placed importance on the restorative powers of their natural surroundings, and upheld a higher standard of humanity and connectedness. But this time – there is a greater purpose!

...where you benefit both the people and the land!