Ring of Fire 

Resorts with a difference


Lodging – Private bungalows as well as backpacker’s accommodations within an exotic ecological and cultural experience.


Food service -- A coffee bar and restaurant offering local specialties and western fare.


Recreation – Recreation services offering access to river adventures, mountain and rainforest trekking, nearby village attractions, cultural experiences and Arts expressions.


Additional Services


Training schools:

long term: International aid school, House of Prayer training, media arts school, short term: outreach training, community schools, conferences


Hospitality Center:

Royal Mountain Coffee & Tea – a coffee bar and café offering a full range of coffees, teas and espresso drinks, as well as local specialties.

Trader's Village – Arts, handcrafts, Souvenirs, fruit, flowers, and so much more in an open-air market at the heart of the center.

Education Center:

Xenon Language Instruction – Instruction in local and regional languages taught by competent local teachers for businessmen, diplomats, international relief workers and missionaries.

The Ring of Fire House of Prayer Training School – Training and support for the House of Prayer.

Pacific School of Media Arts – a school of humanitarian outreach focused in the media arts.

Pacific Leadership Institute – Programs in business and leadership offered in cooperation with major Asian and U.S. universities.

NGO Center:

Pacific Hope – A locally based NGO with international connection, Pacific Hope serves local indigenous people with economic programs, social outreach projects, and the hope of a new future.

Short term and long term outreach training is available for groups or individuals. A potent mix of classroom and hands-on training made more valuable because it's on the field and in the area of the world where you want to make a difference.